Explanation on Logo of the MONREC

Explanation on logo of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, National Unity Government

1. The four leaves within our logo depict the interdependence between our people and the resources of our country for the sake of sustainability. Each leaf  represents a part of the relationship: the light green leaf symbolizes the forests, the blue leaf symbolizes water, the yellow leaf symbolizes minerals, and the dark green leaf symbolizes the people.

2. The three pillars in the center indicate the country’s development that comes about as a result of the collective action of all stakeholders.

3. The four people hand in hand along the edges of the circle express how the management of our natural resources is a subject that should involve and be centered around our people.

4. The golden rim represents the conservation of the environment for the benefit of everyone involved.

5. The colors used in the logo describe being calm, green, peaceful and prosperous. 

Sincere thanks to the Artist-Yummy

Public Relations & Media Taskforce 
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation 
National Unity Government of Myanmar