Biography - Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister KHUN BEDU

He belongs to Kayan ethnic group and he was born on 12th June, 1984. He went to Thailand to join the Karen Youth Organization and then had worked for 2 years in SYCB. He learnt International Lobbying Courses at Foreign Affair Training in Thailand and Czech Republic. He had been working in Civil Society Organizations and Non-Government Organizations that works for Humanitarian Assistance and local development projects where he gained hands-on experiences about developmental studies and learned about International Relation, Governance, Public Policy, Development plans. In 2013, he took the Chairman of the Kayan Youth Organization and in 2014, he served as the Secretary of the Kayan Youth Union. As he actively advocated and led the Campaign for Abolition of Constitution (2018), he was imprisoned from 2008 to 2012. 

Started in 2016, he became a politician as a member of Kayan National Party-KNP and represented Kayan National Party in 2021 Election and lost the seat in Parliament. However, since the beginning of February 2021, when the military seized the power after detaining the high-level political figures and democratically elected leaders, he has been advocating for the protests against the Military COUP. 

Currently, he has been assigned as a Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation of the National Unity Government of Myanmar.

Last Updated: 20 June 2021